Who We Are
For those who are visiting the first time, we are a non-profit community organization with a focus on providing a help-in-hand to Union Island in the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Since 1998, the UICA has focused 100% of the organization’s effort and resources to aid underprivileged youths, seniors and other citizens of the island of Union Island located in the territory of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Mission Statement
    Our mission is to get people who have a positive interest in the island connected, and to work together in a spirit of change, for the betterment of Union Island. By pooling our resources and energy, we are able to achieve synergy for growth, betterment and development of the island. We recognize that changes do not happen overnight; therefore we pledge to work in a spirit of perseverance, responsiveness, accountability, inclusiveness, transparency, cooperative and devotedness to procure long-term gains.
    Our Programs
  • Assistance for Youths and Education
    A significant portion of our focus is on youths and education. This is because we believe that education lights the pathway to a bright future. If we do not educate our youths, they and our society will grope in darkness. For this reason, from the very beginning, this organization has chosen education as its main focus. Every year, we commit ourselves to provide classroom essentials such as pens, pencils, exercise books, erasers, crayons that every child is equipped with classroom tools he or she needs to participate in learning. Over the years, have received positive feedback gone one step further by providing scholarship of $500 (CAN) annually to five high school students for the duration of their high school education (5 years). The scholarships enhance the learning environment and provide students with a better opportunity to complete high school and to enter a better future. This program has met with high praises from parents, students, principles and the general public. We too are very excited and encouraged by the success of this program thus far. High school graduates who have been helped by our program have gone on to college and teaching career.
  • Assistance for Medical Clinics
    Over the years we have provided much-needed medical equipment and supplies to the medical clinics.

Our Activities
Much of our capital to fund our projects is derived from our annual Thanksgiving Day Brunch. This banquet occurs on the Canadian Thanksgiving Day holiday, which usually occurs on the second Monday in October, when the weather is still virtuous. The word “Brunch” is a misnomer because the event has over the years evolved into a banquet affair punctuated by exciting family entertainment. We are extending an open invitation to anyone planning to visit Toronto or surrounding area, to plan your visit in October and be wowed by this spectacular event. Other events are planned for Canada’s Victoria Day holiday weekend and August Monday. The UICA’s annual Games Evening social occasion takes place on the Sunday before the Victoria Day holiday (around the third week of May), while the annual UICA picnic takes place on August Monday Holiday (Caribana, but recently called Scotia Caribbean Carnival) weekend. We invite you to these events! Come prepared to meet your long-lost friends and relatives. We extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us in any way over the years. We assure you that we would always strive to remain faithful and worthy of your trust. We look forward to many years serving the people of Union Island.

Board Members

President – HAYDEN JASON JONES, is a native of Union Island, who was raised in London England and has spent his adult life in Canada. Although he has earned a B.B.A. and an M.B.A., Mr. Jones has always had a passion for educating and empowering individuals. He believes that the knowledge and wisdom people possess can transform their lives, when used appropriately. This is evident in his 18 plus years volunteering at Shoniker Clinic and being an active member of the Diversity & Inclusion and the Divergent Thinking ERGs at his workplace. Mr. Jones is no stranger to being a member of an Executive; however, this is his first go as the President of the UICA.



Vice President – WILLIAM REGIS, a native Unionite, attended the Ashton Government School, then to the Intermediate High School on mainland St.Vincent.. On completion, began a teaching career which lasted for seven years. Migrated to Canada and continued his studies in electronics. After graduation accepted a position as a technician with Bell Canada and is now a Bell Canada retiree after twenty eight and a half years of service. He is currently the Vice President of the UICA and has been serving in this position for over fifteen years.



Secretary – YVONNE-AMBROSE-CODRINGTON, is a daughter of the soil, Ashton, Valley, Union Island. She is a mother of three gorgeous adult children and has a passion for people. Her career and hobbies lies in all things creative, from her mothering skills, making of jams and jellies, to creating wonders with fabric in her sewing room. She is a Financial Representative, with a sound understanding of how money works, as well as promoting positive community and individual growth through financial education. Yvonne has been with UICA since its inception. She is at present the secretary and is also the organizer of the fashion show segment of the brunch. Yvonne is enthusiastic about the future of the association and what is can accomplish for the youths of Union Island.



Treasurer – MAUREEN RAMAGE, is a daughter of the soil. She migrated to Toronto in 1975 where she spent the next few years furthering her education. After her studies, she gained full time employment in the safety and industrial field as a supervisor where she remained till now. She boasts of being married to a wonderful son-of-the-soil. She has raised three children. Maureen is currently the Treasurer (since 2016) of the Association.





Public Relations Officer – JASON JONES, began and spent ten years of his teaching career in Union Island when he migrated to Canada where he taught for another 33 years. He has served as Presidents of a variety of Community Organizations including St.Vincent and Grenadines Association of Manitoba and that of Toronto, Citizenship Council of Manitoba, and Refugee Settlement Agencies of Western Canada – to name some. He has been the Public Relations Officer of the Union Island Cultural Association of Toronto (UICA) for the past 14 years.