UICA Games Night & Potluck!

On May 19th join us for a night of food and friendly fun competition.
The night kicks off at 6:00 and ends at 10:00 at Crawford Adventist Academy – 531 Finch Avenue West (between Dufferin and Bathurst)
(East side of Branson North York General Hospital & south side of Finch)
– Bring your favourite table games and something to eat.
– Catch-up on the latest happenings in Union Island
– Bring a friend and/or a relative or two
And don’t forget to bring your favorite dish for us to sample

Call for more information

Message from Consul General Huggins

As you celebrate twenty years of a fantastic union called the Union
Island Cultural Association of Greater Toronto (UICA), let us first give
the Almighty God thanks for his goodness and his mercy as he
continues to look over your group.
Your dedication and service over the last twenty years to the
betterment of Union Island, youth, education, working with senior
citizens and medical supplies to citizens of Union Island are
extremely commendable. Indeed, your main fundraising activity, the
Annual Thanksgiving Brunch, is testimony that the Union Island
community is very supportive of your committee’s efforts in making a
meaningful difference to residents of Union Island.
Thanksgiving month also falls in our Independence month of October
and it would be remised of me if I didn’t use this opportunity to wish
your group and your community a very Happy Independence. I hope
that your community will support ALL the planned Independence
As we celebrate Thanksgiving and Independence, we have a crisis in
our neighboring islands of Dominica, Barbuda, Cuba, Puerto Rico
and British Virgin Islands. The impact of climate change is taking
effect on our islands even though we are a miniscule contributor to
the agents of climate change. The damages to our Caribbean
economy is grave. Climate change has declared war on our islands.
We are down but not out. We will work together with our traditional
and non-traditional friends and most importantly our diaspora
community in the recovery process.
UICA has done magnificent work over the past twenty years. As you look
forward to the next twenty years, let’s get the young people involved
and have continuity. The Consulate of St Vincent and the Grenadines
and by extension the government wish you continued success and
we look forward to a harmonious working relationship.


AND THE GRENADINES55 Town Centre Court, Suite 403 Toronto, Ontario M1P 4X4
Tel: 416-398-4277
Fax: 647-438-5312
E-mail: consulategeneral@rogers.com

Assistance for Youths and Education

A significant portion of our focus is on youths and education. This is because we believe that education lights the pathway to a bright future. If we do not educate our youths, they and our society will grope in darkness. For this reason, from the very beginning, this organization has chosen education as its main focus. Every year, we commit ourselves to provide classroom essentials such as pens, pencils, exercise books, erasers, crayons that every child is equipped with classroom tools he or she needs to participate in learning. Over the years, have received positive feedback gone one step further by providing scholarship of $500 (CAN) annually to five high school students for the duration of their high school education (5 years). The scholarships enhance the learning environment and provide students with a better opportunity to complete high school and to enter a better future. This program has met with high praises from parents, students, principles and the general public. We too are very excited and encouraged by the success of this program thus far. High school graduates who have been helped by our program have gone on to college and teaching career.

Our Activities

Much of our capital to fund our projects is derived from our annual Thanksgiving Day Brunch. This banquet occurs on the Canadian Thanksgiving Day holiday, which usually occurs on the second Monday in October, when the weather is still virtuous. The word “Brunch” is a misnomer because the event has over the years evolved into a banquet affair punctuated by exciting family entertainment. We are extending an open invitation to anyone planning to visit Toronto or surrounding area, to plan your visit in October and be wowed by this spectacular event. Other events are planned for Canada’s Victoria Day holiday weekend and August Monday. The UICA’s annual Games Evening social occasion takes place on the Sunday before the Victoria Day holiday (around the third week of May), while the annual UICA picnic takes place on August Monday Holiday (Caribana, but recently called Scotia Caribbean Carnival) weekend. We invite you to these events! Come prepared to meet your long-lost friends and relatives. We extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us in any way over the years. We assure you that we would always strive to remain faithful and worthy of your trust. We look forward to many years serving the people of Union Island.