Scholarships Program

UICA Scholarship Program

In 2003, the Union lsland Cultural Association of Toronto (UICA) established its Scholarship program. This program is set up to offer scholarship to student graduating from one of the primary schools in Union lsland. Each recipient of the scholarship would receive $500 CDN (estimated $1100 EC dollars) each year till graduation) for five years – a total of $2500 CDN or approx. $5500EC). Over the thirteen-year period since the Program has been implemented, the cost (in CDN dollars) to the Association to sponsor this program on a yearly basis is as follows.


2003 -2004    $500

2004 – 2005  $1000

2005 – 2006   $1500

2006 – 2007  $2000

2007 – 2018  $2500


OUR GRADUATES ARE AS FOLLOWS: (The date represents the year the student received the scholarship)
  1. 2003 – Our first recipient, was KAMELIAN LEWIS. Presently works at the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on mainland St. Vincent.
  2. 2004 – MICHELLE DRAKES – Attended a College in Barbados where she studied environmental Science.
  3. 2005 – BANDORA THOMAS – Worked for a period at Anchorage in Union Island. She received a scholarship and is finishing up her studies in London, England.
  4. 2006 – KENLYN WILSON – I attended the Union Island Secondary School where I graduated in 2011 with 11 CSEC subjects. I went on to the SVGCC DASGS in September of 2011 where I studied CAPE Sociology and Literature and graduated in 2013. After graduating in 2013, I was unemployed (I sent out applications but never got response back) But started working within my mom’s home business from October 2013. It was not until April 18th 2016 I was employed as a relief teacher at the Stephanie Brown Primary School for the April to July semester. After 3 months I moved to Toronto where I’m at presently studying Early Childhood Education at George Brown College.



  1. 2007 – MESHANDO LA BORDE – Worked for a period at Mary Hutchinson Primary School but is now in St. Vincent. She is attending college on mainland St. Vincent.
2008 – BRIT-ANNIE KELLYAfter graduating from the Union Island Secondary School in July of 2013, I attended the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (DASGS). I spent two years completing my CAPE diploma in Law, Economics, History, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies. Following this, I spent two years working to achieve enough to be able to attend university, and by the grace of God I was able to achieve it. Currently, I’m on my way to university to receive my Bachelor degree in International Relations (Special). In closing, I never got the opportunity to do this formally to thank you for assisting me throughout High School. It was an act of kindness that was greatly appreciated.

  1. 2009 – RONEKA BOYD – has obtained 5 CXC passes. She has completed her studies at the Community College in St. Vincent and Is currently working at National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
  2. 2010 – Franklyn Williams – has graduated Union Island Secondary School July2016 with 5 CXC subject. He has just entered technical college studying electrical engineering.

2011- Oscar Hutchinson – I am Oscar Hutchinson. I graduated from the Union Island Secondary School in 2016 with nine (9) CXC O level subjects. Presently I am a student of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Arts, Science and General Studies (DASGS) I am studying CAPE Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Communication Studies.


2012 Ray Carter Williams graduated July 2017“I have completed my    Secondary Education. I passed seven out of the eight CXC subjects attempted and now in pursuit of Business Studies at the SVG Community College (Technical Division).”

Thank you for your organization’s assistance over the past years.


2012 Chericia Morgan 2012 Scholarship Student and graduated July 2017.To my scholarship funders I would like to say Thank you for funding me throughout my five years in secondary school. It was a great help to me and my family. I am currently working at Anchorage Yacht Club, Clifton Union Island (Front Desk). I would like to show my appreciation by writing this Thank you note.

Yours Respectfully Chericia Morgan



Current Enrolment – 2017

Shequana Hazell – 2016 Scholarship Stude – She is currently attending  Form 2 at St.Joseph Convent, Kingstown, St.Vincent









Omari James – 2015 Scholarship Student To Whom It May Concern

My name is Attika James, the parent of Omari James. I wish to express to you my heartfelt thank you for awarding my son this scholarship. As a single parent of three children, this scholarship has help to make a significant difference in ensuring that Omari has all his materials to attend school to ensure his success and for this am very grateful for.

With great regret as you can see his performance for this school year has not been great. I am also greatly disappointed in this performance as I always stress to the children the importance of having a good education and try my best to go all out to make sure that they achieve such. One of the factors that contributed to his low performance is that I didn’t offer him the support that I usually do because I placed a lot of focus on my daughter, whom has just completed her secondary education on getting her SBA’s done and helped her to study to write for ten (10) CSEC subjects as she was meeting many challenges in getting her tasks completed. As a result of this I was unable to spend as much time monitoring his school work and helping him to study and took it for granted that he would have held his own. Omari has also not gotten accustom to living away from home but despite this he enjoys attending school at the St. Vincent Grammar School.

I have discussed with him extensively the need for him to do better and he has promised to put his best foot forward this time as he himself is not pleased with his performance and has expressed his disappointment. I have put measures in place to ensure his success in the upcoming school year in that I have hired a tutor to give him extra lessons. His tutor is Mrs. Malika Nanton, who is a Qualified Assistant Teacher and whom I know will ensure that he does his best at all times. I also intended to travel to St. Vincent once a month to check with his teachers and to check his work so that he can see that he has no choice in failure and also to call him every day to do daily revisions with him.

I hope that with these measures in place his performance will improve and that you and I will be proud of his achievement as I know he has the ability to perform and be at the top of his class. Thank you once more for your support and contribution and may God continue to bless and keep your organisation so that you can continue to help others.

(Editorial Comment – This letter was included to demonstrate that our supports (teachers and mentors) on the Island are constantly working together with parents to point students in the right direction.)


Mikyle Hackshaw 2014 Scholarship Student.  Mikyle is currently attending Boys Grammar School in Form 4 in Kingstown, St. Vincent.


DeaneyGellizeau – 2013 Scholarship Student 

My Career Goal: I want to be a pilot when I grow up but even though I like it I haven’t read any books about planes. I always run with planes, act like one but my grandparents say it is complicated. The first thing I ever ride in my life was a plane, I believe this is why I like it so. In a matter of fact, reaching places fast, you have to use a plane or a jet, no difference. When I have enough money I will merge to my second option [which is] campaigning to be a prime minister. I believe that doing one thing over and over becomes boring so I will do something more exciting.

We continue to build the Scholarship Program Fund through fundraising at our Annual Brunch (held in October) and through soliciting donations from individual members. Throughout the life of this Program, members and friends of the Association have donated $25 – $500 as sponsorship for a student entering the program – one obvious reason why our program continues to be successful. The Scholarship Program is always inviting sponsorships, donations and especially support for our main fundraising project – Our Annual Brunch. Please call/contact anyone on the Executive to pledge your support.